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About Us


Trina – Owner

I took my very first motorcycle safety course in 1995, and I have not left the range. I became involved teaching others to ride because I, myself , almost failed the class when I first tried. My compassion for others, and complete understanding of what it means to someone to learn how to ride, helps me to work with students who didn’t think that they would really be able to ride–––ride!
Started off on a 450 Honda Nighthawk “basket case” I sold it 6 months later for the price of which I paid for it . That’s when I became a Honda Shadow girl, 600DLX to a 1300VTX until 2011, I went to a 650-ER Kawasaki for 6 months and now I ride a Suzuki 1250FA and my seconded motorcycle will be a GSXR1000 purchased by my husband as a Christmas present 2013 . I can say form experience this was the best course I’ve ever taken and would not had lived to ride had I not take the course. There is nothing better than trained and knowledgeable rider!


Steve – Manager

Riding a motorcycle was nerver on my bucket list of things todo. I got into motocycle riding because I married one (my wife came with the bike at the time of purchase). Since I’ve been riding I can’t think of a more enjoyable activity. Started off on a Honda 750, moved up to a 1300 VTX Honda. From there I was looking for a little more excitement so I started riding a 650 Suzuki V-Strom. Within 6 months of the V-Strom I was finally able to get my dream bike, the 2012 Kawasaki Concours 14.

I acquired my MSF certification from Chester’s Harley Davidson in Mesa in March 2009. I’ve been teaching motorcycle safety since April 2009. The joy you get from seeing a beginner rider complete the course and get certified is very rewarding. I am a vet of 12 years of the Air Force.


Mark – Developement

I started riding motorcycles in 1978. My first motorcycle was a 1975 Honda CB 360T. It was metallic blue and I rode it anytime that there was no snow on the ground. I went through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Motorcycle Rider Course Instructor’s Preparation course in July of 1982. I have been teaching rider safety ever since. My goal in teaching the riding classes is to influence at least one person so that they make a decision which will save their life. I don’t know who it will be, I don’t know which class they’ll be in, I just know that they’ll be along at some time.

My current road bike is a 2008 Buell Ulysses. Choosing the Buell was a very big change after 20+ years with BMWs. Not that anything’s wrong with current BMWs, the Ulysses just had a very strong appeal. I still have my 1982 BMW R100rs (over 200,000 miles). I don’t see myself letting that bike go for a very long time.