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Benefits of a Ride Arizona Rider Course

Don’t be a statistic!

It’s extremely important for beginner riders to take a motorcycle safety course. Even if your whole family rides motorcycles and you’ve been surrounded by Harleys since you were little, actually operating one of these powerful machines is a completely different experience from riding on the back of one.

Taking a motorcycle safety course designed especially for beginner riders will help you internalize the basics of operating a motorcycle. Our thorough motorcycle safety course will provide you with both classroom and on-cycle training.

We’ll teach you the most appropriate gear to wear while riding, how to start and stop your motorcycle, how to inspect your motorcycle, how to maneuver your motorcycle in a variety of traffic situations and driving environments, and much more.

Motorcycle Rider Courses help develop skills such as:

  • Effective turning
  • Braking maneuvers
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Traffic strategies
  • Responsible attitudes
  • Protective apparel selection

Ride Arizona MTC Classes offer:

  • Smaller class sizes: (2-8 coach/student ratio)
  • More personal instruction
  • Extra riding time
  • Tuition Incentives
  • Reasonably priced
  • Real time registration

More Benefits:

  • Maintenance cost and repairs are usually a fraction of what you spend on a vehicle.
  • Save time in traffic using the HOV lane.
  • Go green – help prevent air pollution and your carbon issues.
  • Bottom line, riding is a great alternative for fuel efficiency and is fun!
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