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I would like to say thank-you very much for helping me get my motorcycle endorsement. Your husband was an excellent teacher in so many ways. He was so patient with me, encouraging, I can never thank him enough. Your methods of teaching are well suited to complete beginners like myself. I can’t wait for you to start a program in west side of Phoenix!! Can you take my picture off Facebook if possible? Thanks again

Charles Freeman from Casa Grande 4/23/2017

Just want to take a moment after completing the Ride Arizona motorcycle safety course today to commend a true professional “Trina” our instructor presented a fabulous, safe but fun class. Thanks to her I feel even more confident and safe riding my bike. After two days the whole class was as we knew each other for years. Thanks to her presenting a great atmosphere and sharing her experienced teaching skills, I know I can speak for the whole class. . …we truly had a good time. Thanks again Trina for a wonderful class Charles Casa Grande AZ

Sarah Patterson from Marana 4/23/2017

Hi Trina! I had a great time with you and Steve on the 22/23. He was understanding and patient, even though I have no experience with bikes before. It was such an enjoyable experience and I feel like I learned a lot! (Also, I got my license!) If possible, I was also hoping to get more riding experience by helping on weekends. Are there any particular times or forms I need to sign up?

Lisa Bliss from Marana 4/17/2017

Hi Trina, John and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the MSF course. Steve was a great coach and teacher. We really appreciate his style and Ben was great as well. We look forward to staying in touch and getting together in the near future.

Jose Jimenez from Casa Grande 4/17/2017

Trina, Steve was an awesome instructor and the class was very educational. Thank you guys for your service and God Bless.

JoseRalph and Christine Reis 3/9/2017

Thank you Trina, Ralph and I had a very successful experience, we learned many things that we hadn’t really thought of. Our decision for doing this course was that we wanted to learn through a program that could teach us a correct way instead of us second guessing. Our instructor, Bill, was friendly throughout, a great and considerate teacher making the course fun. He noticed our anxiety at times and knew how to put us at ease. There were five of us, different ages and all passed. We’re hoping we’ll get to see them again as I feel we all had a good fun time of learning.  We both intend to encourage others to take this course. Now we’re off on the roads to get the experience, then hopefully your course 2 will be available.
Thank you for putting on this course.

Diane Valencia 3/2/2017

HELLO TRINA AND STEVE ! I want to tell you how much I appreciate the skills you have taught me. I went there having zero knowledge zero experience and came out a confident 54 year old woman with a MOTORCYLE RIDING ENDORSEMENT ! YEA !  Steve, you have the most greatest character, personality, humor and patience I have ever seen in an instructor.  The class was fun and EDUCATIONAL !  You made me feel I could really accomplish this and even when I made mistakes and seemed like I wanted to quit, I hear you telling me “Don’t give up now, you got this baby girl ! ”   I really did almost want to give up, but you have the qualities to exude confidence. Trina also gave me the courage that I needed,  to know where I had to go and how to get there. Lol.. You both possess amazing techniques and knowledge that we as students need and require to be successful. More than that, you truly enjoy being instructors and that’s what makes a success.

From the bottom of my sincere heart, I THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! I would recommend this course and both of you to anybody who wanted to learn about the ins-and-outs of motorcycle riding !


Steve Siemek from Casa Grande 12/11/2016

Hi Trina and Steve, thanks so much from the bottom of my heart ❤️ you both rock. I’m so happy and thankful for taking and completing your motorcycle course. It really opened up my eyes ? and gave me knowledge and insight that I would have never received anywhere else. I have to admit from the beginning starting with the initial 3hr ecourse that took me 2 days to complete and pass wasn’t easy to complete, but well worth the effort, also our wonderful and informative class in Casa Grande with your husband Steve who is so cool and knowledgeable and made the class exciting and we all got to know each other and participate in the exercises, he’s one in a million and what a great guy you are married too. Out at the riding course I know I wasn’t his best student but I had fun and learned so much about maneuverability and safety that I couldn’t have asked for a better riding experience, and I passed and got my completion card !!! Thanks again for everything and don’t worry like Steve said from now on we will be friends forever !!! Whooo hooo !!! I will be calling you and we will be staying in touch for sure.

A1C Zachary Mohler USAF from Sierra Vista 9/4/2016

Everything was absolutely amazing about the class I took this past weekend. Everything was very helpful and I feel way more confident on a motorcycle. I never would have felt confident enough to even leave the base and enter actual Tucson streets without this class. The instructors were amazing and I look forward to coming on by and showing off my bike to your husband and all the other instructors. It was an overall amazing experience and I look forward to seeing you guys again for the BRC 2! Nothing but good things I can say about the class! I hope that one day I may be able to come back and help with a class or two.

Jason Jorgensen from Sierra Vista 6/12/2016

Just wanted to drop you an email to say that the BRC class was absolutely phenomenal. I went in with high expectations and they definitely were succeeded, I will be recommending the course to all of my friends and family that have ever shown an interest in riding. Once I get my bike and acquire more skills I definitely plan on taking some of the other courses offered.

Tim Fry from Marana 5/21/2016

Thank you for helping me learn things like the u-turn, and sharp corners. I had so much fun with watching the way you helped everyone in the way we could still have fun and not feel like we were being yelled at… You are an amazing teacher! I will for sure be recommending everyone I know that wants to learn to ride. And I will be returning to do more of the classes with you myself. A+++++++++ on everything… Thank you again!!!

Ian Callahan from Casa Grande 4/24/2016

The course overall was excellent! Starting from ground zero I had my doubts in the beginning on what my skill level would be at the end of the course. I now have nothing but positive remarks for the way the class was lead and scheduled to ensure all skills necessary for completing the written and riding portions of the test. If possible I would like a copy of the picture taken of myself and the other guys at graduation.

Ari Merdler of Sierra Vista 4/18/2016

Trina and her staff are hands down the best in the state. They are true professionals and CARE about your education, safety and enjoyment of riding motorcycles for a lifetime. Their class and teaching style are excellent and everyone had a great time. Ride Arizona has that rare skill of being able to teach a very serious subject in a very fun way. I will be referring all of my friends and family who want to get into the sport of motorcycles to Ride Arizona. Thanks again to Trina and her staff!

Ken Williams of Casa Grande 1/27/2016

Just made it home after completing the Basic Rider course in Casa Grande and thought it might be best to take the time right now while it was available to give you some feedback.

I’ve been around long enough that I have participated in a LOT of training activities, some as the the trainee, some as a trainer and some in course design so I consider myself to be a fair evaluator. Going into this I had heard positive comments from a co-worker who had taken a MSF basic rider course when he started riding again after a few years off. Based on his comments I went into this training with expectations that the hands on, instructor led training would be good and the time spent would be worthwhile.

Now having finished it I felt compelled to drop you a short note letting you know how much it exceeded my expectations. My feedback by topic, below.

  • – The registration for the e-course was pretty flawless but at least for me the logging in portion of the process was a bit frustrating. If I’m not the only one with that experience, I would consider that an opportunity for improvement for MSF.
  • – Once actually logged in, the e-course was better than I had anticipated although my expectations for it going in probably weren’t all that high. In the end I thought was really pretty well done and worth the time it took.
  • – Saving what I feel was the best for last, the “hands on and instructor led” portions were really excellent. Steve and Will, I thought did an excellent job. They knew the course content, communicated it very well and somehow made everything work/run well in spite of a pretty wide range of rider experience/skill levels. They kept things fun, interesting and on track getting their points across effectively while always coming across encouraging. I would give them a 10 out of 10 without hesitation.

In summary, the training for me was absolutely worthwhile. I think I learned some new things, got a start on developing some new good riding habits as well as a start on hopefully breaking a few bad habits.

In my opinion this training should be made mandatory for receiving a motorcycle endorsement the same as Hunters Education.

Thank you for a great experience! Smile

Joel W. Vandenberg of Casa Grande 3/14/2016

I had a great time taking the class, Steve and Bill were great coaches, very patient, and most of all very informative!!!! I learned a lot from them both. I’ve been riding most of my life from mini bikes up to dirt bikes. The bike I have now is my 2nd street bike and I thought I knew how to handle it but I was wrong after taking this class. Now I think I’m better informed and better prepared for the road thanks to Steve and Bill!!!! Thank you all for putting on a great class and for doing what you guys do.

Douglas Fifield of Marana 10/19/2015

Trina, I wanted to thank you for your personal attention given to each rider and your commitment to insure each rider succeeded. I learned a lot.

Jesse Lopez from Casa Grande 10/19/2015

I just went out for a ride for the first time after taking your course and the difference is amazing. Im constantly remembering things you taught us throughout. The clutch control I have now is so much better I no longer lurch when I take off. I want to thank you again!

Santos Andres Lopez of Casa Grande

I wanted to let you know the class was Awesome and the highlight for me is the RiderCoach, Mr STEVE. He is a positively effective person that delivers such a dynamic perspective on how to implement Safe Riding as a lifestyle and not just a one time thing to pass a class. I was so impressed with Mr Steve, I am encouraged to inquire about becoming a RiderCoach myself. If you are seeking to hire for your business I would be interested. Thank you for your time and attention. Please tell Mr Steve hello for me.

Matt Kelleher from Marana

I completed the survey on the MSF Website. Thanks. Also wanted to say thanks again for a good class on October 3rd and 4th. My input: definitely keep the classroom aspect in addition to the e-Course. Both are helpful and aid different types of learners. All the best to you, Steve and Joel in your future motorcycle endeavors.

Kathy Cravens from Casa Grande

I cannot tell you how much fun and what a great learning experience this last weekend was! Steve does an amazing job and is himself, very patient and understanding. Oh, and we all love his laugh…lol….and victory dances;)
After years (20+) of not riding, and not that much experience before….and riding on the back for years, or “fluff” as we call it, I had some hesitations. But day two, I loosened up, thanks also to some student observations, and it started sinking in. It felt great!

I cannot wait to get a bike, already looking, and do more riding. Once I do, I will definitely be back for more! So…much…fun, while learning so much! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Thank you:)

Mark S from Sierra Vista

Hi Trina,

I would like to thank you and your husband for coaching and providing this course to us. Steve was an awesome coach and he never made us feel uneasy. The way Steve enforced us to correct our mistakes by “I need you to do this for me or we need to work on this” rather then telling us what we’re doing wrong, made me feel very comfortable on the course. Steve’s personality and attitude towards riding and teaching us made the weekend course very fun. I will recommend this to any new riders I encounter.

Thank you for the experience and knowledge, Mark S.

Shawn Cottier – Sierra Vista AZ

Thank you for everything you and your team does. Although I’ve been on a bike before it was really good to go through the basic course. Dan was an outstanding down to earth instructor and was really patient with my wife. I plan on taking the second course also so I can feel more comfortable on my bike.

Brandon DeRollo of Casa Grande

Steve & Trina, Just wanted to start off by saying AWESOME JOB! you two did. I really feel that the course was such a big help and a must. My transition from dirt to road is now easier. I really appreciated your coaching approach as it is positive and motivating, you both helped all the riders in our class feel a lot more confident. I really enjoyed learning more about the rules of the road and how to position yourself for a anything might happen scenario, it always keeps me more alert and focused while I ride. So thanks guys and you haven’t seen the last of me… I will be back for the advance course on the Harley. Brandon DeRollo

Nestor of Fort Huachuca

Trina and Steve, Thank you so much! You guys and your staff rock. Your enthusiasm, passion and encouragement made the course above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely send in the survey in the book, and get on the Facebook page. Anyone who would ask me if it is worth it, I will pass on to you guys, especially those that I already know. The process was so quick and painless (which is unlike what I am used to when taking courses in the military). At first I didn’t know what to expect, but once the relaxed learning environment was set, I had way more confidence in myself to rock the course. I can now enjoy my Hayabusa with safety and fun in mind. Again thanks for making this come true so painlessly.

Steven Moreno of Marana

“HUGE thanks to Trina and Steve for the Basic Riders Course. Their patience, knowledge and help made something I once feared something I now love.”
Our Response:

Now you know why we Ride!

Paul Youman of Fort Huachuca

I had a great time with the class, the rider coach was excellent. Being an instructor myself it is refreshing to see others practice the same good instructional techniques to keep a class engaged and positive. He had a great attitude and positive jovial responses to our attempts at each obstacle. I felt reassured that I could succeed and above all else he helped foster confidence which I believe was the missing ingredient in my ability to learn how to be a better, safer rider! Thanks Guys!

Joe Konrad of Sierra Vista

I took the motorcycle safety course at Ride Arizona MTC after a failed attempt at the DMV riding skills test. I started riding 40 years ago at age 17 and, after not owning a motorcycle since 1990, I started riding again. My Fatboy was just more than I could maneuver through the DMV course so I decided to take the safety class in order to get my motorcycle endorsement. On my way to class I was just wanting to get the course over with and get my license stamped. At the end of the second day I was wishing there was a third day of training. Steve and Trina are very professional, highly skilled riding coaches. They are also a hell of a lot of fun to work with. Never say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This old dog learned a lot in two days and I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn to ride or to improve your riding skills. Steve, by the way, the first thing I thought of when I got back on my Harley was to keep my knees against the tank. It handles so much better now. It was really nice to meet you guys and I’m sure we will meet again. Thanks!

Andrew of Casa Grande

I had an absolutely great time at the Casa Grande Basic Riding Course! Steve, Will, and Trina were awesome instructors. The class is broken down to accommodate all riders, from novice to the experienced. If you are looking to enhance your riding abilities and knowledge, or looking to get your Arizona riding endorsement I strongly recommend this course. I haven’t rode a motorcycle since 2005 and was able to jump on one with great confidence after going thoroughly over the proper procedures (hands on) and the risk associated with riding (classroom). This course has help reignite my passion for motorcycles, and I look forward to getting back onto the open road.

Justin Pizzo of Fort Huachuca

Trina, I really appreciate the professionalism and dedication of your staff. Don and Jane made me feel more confident as a motorcyclist by providing great instruction and corrections when needed. I started out not knowing how to ride, now I have a Honda Shadow and ride with the skills they thought me. Thank you so much.

Mickie Kitchens of Sierra Vista

Trina, I enjoyed the course. The instructors were the most trained and knowledgeable instructors I’ve experienced. Their ability to identify the riders mistakes and performed corrective actions was remarkable. The following co-workers will be calling to enroll. Finally, the course was conducted in a very professional manner.

Our Response:

Your welcome, that was Jane and Dan first time solo. Thanks for giving them an applause for their first time out.

La Juana of Sierra Vista

HI Trina, Thank you and hubby, I could have never done it with out the course! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME !!!! We just got back from over 6,000 miles on the Can Am Spider, covering seven states. AZ, NM, CO, WY, SD, MT, UT, one foreign country Alberta, Canada, where we had lunch. The ride was amazing, I could see 180 degrees !!! 🙂 Went to Stergis, SD for the motorcycle rally, slept in a tent in the National Forest State Park for a week, it rained everyday except for the night before we left, good thing, or the tent would be a mess. LOL 🙂 At Stergis, SD we went to Devils Tower, Needles, Bad Lands, Wall, SD. Clusters State park, Kevin Costner made the movie “Dancing with Wolves”. Yellowstone, Tetons, Glacier Park, “Road to the Son”, Mt Rushmore, Utah saw the Flaming Gorge, Vernon, saw the Dinosaur National Monument, Million Dollar highway (for each mile) Reptile Gardens, Rapid City. SD GOD BLESS, LOVE YAS!! 🙂 La Juana Mc Bride

Kathy LaCombe of Sierra Vista

I just want to say thank you so very much for a fun weekend that ended up with me knowing how to ride!!! The knowledge that was given was priceless and could be lifesaving, for me and others on the road with me lol. It was so much fun, I never imagined it could be like that. I have been a passenger for many many years and have heard my husband talking about so many of the things that you taught this weekend, but actually doing them made them so much more meaningful. I know that Steve took some video/pictures this morning and I would love to get email copies of those to send to my husband overseas, if possible. Once again THANK YOU!!!!! Kathy LaCombe

Dave Alexander of Casa Grande

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the class you guys put on. Will was OUTSTANDING as an instructor and I wanted you to know how gracious and thankful I am to him and your company for the class you guys put on. I haven’t rode a bike in almost 12 years and having Will as an instructor made the transition back into getting on the bike again much smoother. You guys are very lucky to have such a enthusiastic employee who really cares about what he does and goes out of his way to offer critical and useful advice for riding. Thank You again. Kind Regards, Dave Alexander

Sunny Miller of Sierra Vista

Thank you so much. You guys are awesome. Your enthusiasm and encouragement made the course above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely send in the survey in the book, and get on FB. I will pass on anyone I know to you guys, especially those in the reserve. The process was so quick and painless (which is unlike what we are used to in the reserve). We thought it would be this huge process, but you were more helpful than my own reserve unit in getting this accomplished. We will be back for the other courses. I’m set to deploy soon, but once I get back I will need to re-acquaint myself with my bike. Again, it was a privilege to be taught by such great people.

Our Response:

You are so welcome, I believe in rider education it’s my pleasure to see folks like yourself grow in riding a motorcycle successfully.

Brandon DeRollo of Casa Grande

Steve & Trina, Just wanted to start off by saying AWESOME JOB! you two did. I really feel that the course was such a big help and a must. My transition from dirt to road is now easier. I really appreciated your coaching approach as it is positive and motivating, you both helped all the riders in our class feel a lot more confident. I really enjoyed learning more about the rules of the road and how to position yourself for a anything might happen scenario, it always keeps me more alert and focused while I ride. So thanks guys and you haven’t seen the last of me… I will be back for the advance course on the Harley. Brandon DeRollo

Jeff Becker of Fort Huachuca

Trina, Wow what a great time Barry and I had. We both feel like we left much better riders than we were when we arrived. You guys made it fun and enjoyable. I will for sure tell anyone I can about what a great program and what a pleasure it was to spend the day with you both. Thanks for a great day. Pine Line Ranch

Our Response:

You bet, I wish more people would come out to our Advance Rider Course to learn more about their own motorcycles. What we do improves riders behaviors, decisions and skills. Thanks for your support.

Johnathan D Burnett of Ft Huachuca

Trina, Long time no see! I took your class back in July. We kept fighting over your ninja. 😉 I wanted to thank you and Steve for all of your advice. I have been riding safely ever since, and I actually gave up my car. I’m literally on my motorcycle everyday. Unfortunately my first bike, the 07 KAW ZZR 600, was stolen on my birthday. I remember what you said about Sierra Cycles during the class. I got a hold of the guys there and they worked with my budget to get me into a barely used 2012 Ninja 650R. They even threw in a helmet. I absolutely love the bike and wanted to thank you guys for everything. I have a great bike, and I know I am a better rider for the lessons you guys taught. I hope I get the chance to see you guys again soon! -Johnathan Burnett (That prototypical 22 year old on a crotch rocket) =)

Our Response:

Perfect! Thanks so much for your support. We work from referrals. Have a great ride and I am your prototypical 51 year old SportBike rider.

Paige of Fort Huachuca

Thank you:) Yvette and I had fun and learned a lot. Our bikes should be ready any day now. We plan on endorsing our license this week sometime and getting our insurance so we are legal. If all goes as planned we should be on the road by the end of the week. Paige & Yvette

Our Response:

Awesome! FYI, this was the first weekend with 7 woman usually we see more men then women, it was a treat and hope we keep going in that direction. We love what we do as well as having fun. If for any reason that you find one of the techniques not feeling right or difficult to do call us and we can usually talk you through it or gear up for a ride.

SFC Riddle of Fort Huachuca

I just completed your course yesterday. Funny story for you. As soon as I got home after the course I got my bike out and was riding around the neighborhood and up to reservoir hill. I decided to ride back up Huachuca Canyon trail. So I’ve been riding this motorcycle for all of about 15 minutes at this point. About halfway up the trail, I had my first bear sighting since moving to AZ. A mama bear and her two cubs were right on the side of the trail and I didn’t see them until I was right on them. The mama reared up as I rode by and I about s*** my pants. Right at that time the surface of the trail went to crap as well. So here’s me bouncing back and forth on this uneven trail, sure that I’m about to be dinner. Thanks to your training though I managed to maintain control of the bike and not get eaten by a bear family. Just thought it was rather funny that that should happen right after completing the course. Thanks for all your help and I hope to be seeing you in a couple of months for the ERC.

Our Response:

Way to go on your first day, now you know what I meant when sometimes we don’t know all the risk until they are right up in front of us and hopefully you have enough information after taking a Basic Riders Course to get yourself out of it…….glad you made it.

Sally Pilz of Fort Huachuca

I can’t thank you two enough for the awesome weekend I had in your rider education class. I am still amazed at how much I learned in just 2 days. I went into the weekend having some definite fears and came out having great confidence. I am so ready to hit the road. Am going to bring my bike in so I can do the skills course with you too. I really enjoyed your style and energy and loved all the experience you both shared with the class. You both put your heart and soul into making this class fun and informative. Looking forward to keeping in touch. See ya soon.

Our Response:

Thanks Sally for your review we do love what we do.

Karrie of Casa Grande

Where do I start, I had so much fun. Even though I have been riding I learned so much in the Basic Rider Course. Trina what can I say you are awesome. Not only did you give me knowledge and confidence in myself you made our class fun. I recommend this class to all riders new and old. Some of my friends and I are looking forward to taking the Skilled Practice Plus in the spring. See you then.. Thank you so much.

Chrysti Lassiter-Jones of Fort Huachuca

I just completed the MSF survey, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you personally. I took the the Basic Rider Course on Ft. Huachuca 21-22 May, 2011. Prior to the course I had never ridden a motorcycle; I was simultaneously excited, anxious and nervous but you both expertly taught me to ride with skill, professionalism and loads of patience!

The classroom material was easy to comprehend and presented very well. Steve’s use of his and Trina’s real world experiences further enhanced the classroom instruction. I felt more confident to actually get out and learn to ride. On the range, Steve’s calm demeanor was beneficial and Trina’s demonstrations and (necessary for me) one on one instruction were immensely valuable and appreciated. Both correction and praise were given equally along with copious amount of patience 🙂

Before I took the course, I was a little nervous about being on the road with my motorcycle. Having completed the course I feel much better equipped to handle the scenarios that I will face in the months and years ahead. Having completed only two days of instruction, I have gained the knowledge an skills to ride safely and confidently according to my skill level, while being aware of my surroundings and anticipating and avoiding any potential hazards. With the skill set I have learned, I now look forward to coming back to the Advanced Rider Course after I have ridden my motorcycle a few more months.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you both very much for making one of my lifelong dreams a reality!

I highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to learn to ride safely. Again, thank you for such a wonderful experience…Ride on!