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Ride Arizona MTC is the leading southern Arizona motorcycle-rider training company.

We have designed our motorcycle-safety training using the newest version of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum to get your motorcycle license and increase your skills. Our Basic RiderCourse offering includes the entire MSF’s web-based BRC eCourse at no extra charge. Riders trust Ride Arizona MTC for basic and advanced motorcycle-training courses since 2009. Steps to riding safely and getting your motorcycle license in as little as 2 days.

Getting your motorcycle license in Arizona is as easy as 1-2-3 with the most-trusted motorcycle training company.

Beginner and Advanced Motorcycle Training

Ride Arizona Motorcycle Training Centers offers motorcycle training for beginner to advanced riders in Phoenix, Tucson, and Casa Grande Arizona, as well as at Davis Monthan AFB. We offer dedicated motorcycle safety and training for new and experienced riders alike.

Riding your first motorcycle will bring a wonderful and amazing experience. Some riders make the mistake of buying a motorcycle unsuitable for their skill level. A new rider needs enough time to learn and develop basic skills and practice essential techniques before taking a motorcycle onto the street.

Our reputation and experience have shown us the first six months of a new rider’s exposure to riding a bike are essential in developing skills for reducing the chance of accidents. Learning and practicing on a good motorcycle will also reduce the chance of injuries. Our motorcycle courses are specially designed to address different stages in the new riders learning process. Contact Ride Arizona Motorcycle Training Centers today for your motorcycle training classes. Enroll today or call (520) 876-4775 with questions.

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Tucson Riders Class

Motorcycle Rider Training in Arizona

We are a growing community of riders and we love the excitement of being on two wheels. We focus on your safety. Learn to ride in a supportive and positive environment. Our coaches are highly trained, passionate, and experienced. We have some of the best trainers for you.

Are you a new rider who just bought a new bike? Or you have never ridden a motorcycle before, and you want to learn? You are in the right place. We offer the basic for beginners and higher level for advanced riders. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to have a bike; we will provide you with one. We will supply you with a reliable training bike and helmet at no extra cost.

Are you already a Sunday cruiser or a daily rider? If yes, we have training for you. Contact us and take an advance course to move above the basics. Come learn and ride with us. We have a wide range of motorcycles for riders training in Arizona.

Our experience in the motorcycle training industry combined with our exceptional method of coaching helps the learner to be a confident and safe rider. You can learn motorcycle riding from our professionals. You can learn motorcycle riding on the weekdays and weekends, and all year round.

Motorcycle Training

Ride Arizona Motorcycle Training Centers is dedicated to providing you with the information you need so as to make the best decision before you decide in riding a bike on public streets. Ride Arizona MTC beginner motorcycle training courses are specially developed for the beginner rider who has never ridden a motorcycle or has little experience.

At Ride Arizona Motorcycle Training Centers, we allow our students to be students during their motorcycle training while they are developing their skills. Due to our low-stress teaching environment, our students are not under pressure because of the tests at the end of the class. This allows students to be more relaxed, reduces the chance of mishaps, and increases their performance when being tested.

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That’s how long it takes to complete your Ride Arizona Motorcycle Training course. Our program is fast and effective to get you on the road quickly!



Our program is designed to achieve results, and that’s exactly why 98% of our students pass their course with confidence.