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Unable to do the eCourse audio/video? No worries! We have reading and answering questions too. Click the Rider Handbook button to download (you cannot print the book).

Click the Knowledge Questions button to start your fillable questionnaire and return the completed form by email to or bring it to class. If the questions are in section 1, the answers are section 1.

Answer all questions in each section. Some answers are very short and others are longer—the answers will auto-fit into the provided boxes as you type. Remember to save your work!

*Please note. If you don’t complete the eCourse prior to taking the course, the completion card will be mailed to you.

Why an ecourse?

Then. Ride Arizona MTC started riding first during warmer months and in doing so we learned that bring parts of the classroom out on the range; which helped students to understand what it was and why it was done. Students were able to comprehend the technique of the exercises. We had great success combing the range and classroom at the same time.

Now. MSF in 2013 came up with the newest version of the Basic Rider Course (BRC-u (Updated)). With this additional 3hr online or reading and answering questions added to the curriculum before class allowed RiderCoaches better train students for the range activities instead of coming in cold and not knowing what to expect so, there are no surprises.

Either online or reading will satisfy the learning and should be done before class. If done during that’s okay and if done after, then the MSF Completion Card will be mailed to you once received.

The online version is a visual interactive multimedia of the Basic Rider Course Handbook with 12 sections and has an end-of-section knowledge test. An 80% correct score is required to earn a completion certificate; this eCourse is to educate you for what we will be doing on the riding portion. Once completed you can print out your eCourse Certificate, email to

Reading and answering questions is available for someone who doesn’t have internet, chooses not to use the online version, or learns better by reading. Students can download the PDF Rider Handbook (you cannot print) and open the fillable PDF Knowledge questionnaire. Once done, you can bring at the time of class or email to

If you have any questions simply give us a call at (520) 876 4775. We are always happy to help.

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