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Basic Rider Course (Updated)

The newest curriculum offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is the Basic Rider Course—Updated, which is being offered at Ride Arizona Motorcycle Training Centers. The course’s major changes revolve around behavioral aspects as well as self-assessment to monitor student learning and personal growth.

Another major change has been the incorporation of an Motorcycle Safety Foundation Online eCourse, which students take prior to their start of class. The eCourse is designed to be done in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The course is approximately three hours and consist of learning activities to help new or returning riders. When students complete the eCourse prior to class, it allows more classroom time to be devoted to behavior, risk management, hazard perception, and decision-making processes.

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The riding exercises have been updated as well, with more attention being dedicated to decision making and cornering skills. Additionally, the riding exercises provide 20% more time on basic motor skills, and 30% more on cornering maneuvers and emergency responses as well as more time on traffic interactions.

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The classroom portion of the Basic Rider Course—Updated provides several interactive concepts to assist the student in identifying who they are as road users and what behaviors they possess. The classroom offers a multitude of different scenarios which is then opened to group discussions. The process provides the opportunity for students to assess certain situations and provide feedback relating to what behaviors and decisions might be appropriate.

The Basic Rider Course—Updated provides an enhanced learning experience and prepares students to safely mix in with others and the flows of traffic. The material presented has more personal meaning to each rider by being more aware of their skills, abilities, and limitations. Riders can now experience a broader and more refined idea of what it takes to be an affective motorcyclist.