3-Wheels Basic Rider Course

3-Wheels Basic Rider Course

Ride Arizona offers motorcycle riding courses in Phoenix, Tucson, and in Casa Grande. We have been offering our services since 2019. Our RiderCoaches have the relevant experience and expertise when it comes to providing instructions to students.

The programs we offer are classified into Basic and Advanced. The Basic course deals with the conceptual and theoretical aspects of riding on two wheels. The Advanced Course is for students who have passed the Basic Rider Course. Moreover, the advanced course deals with steering, braking, swerving, and other maneuvers in riding a motorcycle.

In the 3-wheel motorcycle classes that we offer, we provide training on riding the unit in the presence of expert drivers. Additionally, the students get to practice the skill until they are comfortable with their unit. We also teach students about road safety and precautions to take when riding a 3-wheel unit. During the practice sessions, students must wear helmets, gloves, and other protective gear.

Among the motorcycle schools in Casa Grande, Ride Arizona is among the best. We provide hands-on training in a low-stress environment where students get to learn the maximum. RiderCoaches encourage interaction among students so that they can learn from one another.

Whether you are a newbie to motorbike riding or are a veteran (returning to a motorbike after a hiatus), both can benefit from the courses at Ride Arizona.

In all our motorcycle classes we spend more time with students while they learn to ride a bike. The more the students get the chance to practice, the more they will gain confidence in their abilities. Hence, they are more likely to succeed as 3-wheel motorbike riders.

Why choose Ride Arizona?

Ride Arizona offers three-wheel motorcycle classes in Phoenix, Tucson, and in Casa Grande. We have been offering various motorcycle courses (depending on the experience level of the student) for several years. In addition to this, our instructors are among the top in any motorcycle riding school. They have the knowledge as well as the expertise in teaching students on how to ride a bike. Moreover, they work closely with students to help them learn these skills in the least amount of time.

The Basic Courses are for teaching students the theoretical aspects of motorbike riding. Students who have no previous knowledge of motorbike riding can benefit from this course. You can also take this as a refresher course on 3-wheel motorbike riding.

The courses we offer are priced according to the market. But we do not compromise on quality. We offer affordable programs to students from all backgrounds. We ensure that each student has a fair opportunity to question and practice (during the advanced riding course).

Once you enroll at our riding school in Phoenix AZ you will be able to receive your motorcycle license in two days. The training is concise and compressed as per the requirements of our students. Since most students are either working professionals, they only get time during the weekend to learn bike riding. Hence, our courses are structured in a way to provide maximum benefit to the students while catering to their requirements.

Ride Arizona is among the top-rated motorcycle training schools in the area. At Ride Arizona, you will find a learning environment that is focused on a student’s learning. Our purpose is to equip the students with relevant knowledge when they ride a bike. Safety is an important part of the curriculum which is highlighted and emphasized in all the courses that we offer. We take the safety of our students very seriously and treat it as a top priority at Ride Arizona.

If you plan to take a course with us, you can even receive an MSF Completion Card to waive the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department. Kindly, check with our administrative department regarding which courses can lead to a License Waiver before you enroll in a course.