Advanced Rider Course

Advanced Rider Course Updated

Riding a motorcycle for the first time is an amazing experience, but becoming a proficient rider requires skills that are learned with practice over time.  For this, a serious rider will continue training on a motorcycle. If you have been searching for advanced motorcycle training near you, you will be pleased to know that Ride Arizona offers advanced motorcycle training courses in addition to the basic training courses. Ride Arizona MTC’s Advanced Rider Course is a one-day of training designed to be effective and enjoyable, for participants who possess basic motorcycling skills, who are endorsed, and who have their own motorcycle. Gear is required for the course; helmet, gloves, protective eyewear, over the ankle shoes or boots, and either a full-sleeved jacket or long sleeve shirt.  The purpose of these requirements is for students to understand the importance of self-protection while riding.

Students may feel overwhelmed when thinking about taking an Advanced Course; however it is an essential course to help riders to become more adept at motorcycle handling and be more prepared for situations as they come up. Building on the Basic Riding Course, the Advanced Riding Course offers more skills and information regarding reducing risk. The focus of the Advanced Motorcycle Training Course is to improve maneuverability skills on a motorcycle. Students learn how to break then swerve, manage decreasing radius curves, and develop the correct body posture for different situations. Students learn multiple different techniques and theories for decision-making during the course. They also get ample opportunity to practice these skills in the presence of our certified RiderCoaches, who professionally conduct the Advanced Rider Course.

Moreover, the course focuses on practicing the skills involved in riding a motorcycle in traffic situations and developing risk management skills, decision-making, riding strategies, and rider behavior regarding choices. The course consists of 2 hours of handbook sessions and 5 hours of on-cycle exercises. This training is an opportunity that supports an ongoing effort related to motorcycle safety and is designed to foster improvements for riders regardless of the style of motorcycle they own.

Our Advanced Rider Course is located in Tucson and is taught by professional RiderCoaches, who have years of experience and expertise. With the completion of the Advanced Riding Course, students may get more of a discount from their insurance companies.

Why choose Ride Arizona?

Ride Arizona has been offering motorcycle riding courses for several years. We have had many students complete the course and effectively learn new skills on their motorcycle from the Advanced Rider Course training. Hence, if you are planning to learn more about different skill levels and new posters for different situations, Ride Arizona is the Motorcycle Training School you should opt for. Our Tucson location is where we provide the Advance Rider Course.

Our RiderCoaches are trained and certified to conduct the course in the Tucson location. Ride Arizona works closely with the students to ensure that the concepts are seen and practiced by all that are enrolled in the course. Enrollment for each course is done in groups. However, we make sure that each student can grasp the concepts. In addition to this, each student gets attention from our RiderCoaches during practice sessions. We provide quality training to our students and ensure that they get the best out of motorcycle training. Our RiderCoaches at Ride Arizona MTC are here to help you out and build confidence in your skills and abilities for your continuous learning.

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