Basic Rider Course

Basic Rider Course Updated

There are many Motorcycle Training Schools in PhoenixTucson, and in Casa Grande; Ride Arizona Motorcycle Training Centers’ first location started in 2008. However, what differentiates Ride Arizona from others is quality teaching that offers a complete knowledge base to help students ride safely on the roads. In all of our courses, our focus is on educating students to be more responsible for their safety and the behaviors of the rider and others on the road. It is a topic that cannot be stressed enough.

The purpose of the Basic Rider Course is to familiarize the students with various aspects of motorcycle riding. In addition to this, the courses cover the theoretical knowledge involved in riding a motorcycle. We also train students on using basic safety equipment, including helmets, full-fingered gloves, jackets, and equipment. The Basic courses involve theory and getting familiar with the controls such as handlebars, clutch, breaks, gearshift lever, and more. Also includes techniques of maximum braking, swerving, low-speed control, and curves.

The motorcyclist’s Basic Rider Course (Updated) (BRC) is designed to prepare students entering the world of motorcycling with fundamental skills for traffic mix as well as responsible riding. The BRC is approximately 5 hours eCourse, which is your knowledge test and classroom portion, with a minimum of 11 hours of on-motorcycle instruction.


This is an “I want to get my licenses course,” we supply everything to make that possible—bike, equipment, and fun included!


The Basic Rider Course can be completed within two (2) days with a completion card to waive the MVD testing once the student has passed the skill and receive a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCourse completion card which allows receiving your endorsement on the back of your license from either the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department or a Third Party MVD Service.

The Basic Course is for anyone who wants to obtain a motorcycle license. Moreover, if you are returning to riding after a long time, you should take this course as well. Students who want to refresh their memory can also benefit from this course. There is no hard and fast rule regarding who can and cannot take this course.

Our motorcycle training schools can be found at the following locations – PhoenixTucson, and in Casa Grande.

Ride Arizona MTC’s RiderCoaches consist of many years of experience, training, and requisite knowledge to interact with students wanting to learn to ride. Under the guidance of these experts, students learn the most in the least amount of time.


Why choose Ride Arizona?

Ride Arizona has been offering motorcycle riding courses for several years since 2009. We have had many students successfully complete the course; but most importantly, our students have been able to secure their motorcycle endorsement as well as to instill skills to manage the roads with other highway users. Hence, if you are planning to obtain a motorcycle endorsement, Ride Arizona is the Motorcycle Training School you should opt for.

To help promote rider education, our courses are priced fairly for our students. We offer courses in various locations so that students do not have a hard time reaching out to us. We offer courses in Phoenix, Tucson, and Casa Grande, and other surrounding areas.

Our RiderCoaches at Ride Arizona work closely to provide quality training to the students to ensure learning the basics are developed, so they get the best out of their motorcycle training. Enrollment for each course is done in groups; however, our RiderCoaches make sure that each student can grasp the concepts. In addition to this, each student gets attention from the RiderCoaches during all practice sessions. We understand that students who are trying out motorcycle riding for the first time may feel overwhelmed. Our RiderCoaches are there to help develop the skills and knowledge to build confidence in their skills and abilities for your first ride.

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