Basic Rider Course

Basic Rider Course

There are many Motorbike riding schools in Phoenix and Tucson. However, what differentiates Ride Arizona from others is quality teaching that offers a complete knowledge base to help students drive safely on the roads. In all of our courses, our focus is on instructing students to be more responsible drivers for the safety of the driver and others on the road. It is a topic that cannot be stressed enough.

The purpose of the BRC Motorcycle Course is to familiarize the students with various aspects of motorbike riding. In addition to this, the courses cover the theoretical knowledge involved in riding a motorbike. We also instruct students on using basic safety equipment, including helmets, full-fingered gloves, jackets, and equipment. The purpose of this equipment is to prevent injuries during practice. The Basic courses involving theory and concepts can be completed within a day. You only require a couple of hours for each riding program.

The Basic Course is for anyone who wants to obtain a motorcycle driving license. Moreover, if you are returning to motorbike riding after a long time, you should take this course as well. In Arizona, a person who has a Motorcycle Driving License does not require to apply for it again till the age of 65. However, you are required to pass an eye exam. Hence, to ensure your safety on the road, you must take this course again.

Students who want to refresh their memory can also benefit from this course. There is no hard and fast rule regarding who can and cannot take this course. However, you must follow the eligibility criteria of being at least 18 years of age before enrolling in this course.

With the set of courses offered by Ride Arizona, you can obtain a License in less than two days. Hence, you can get a license straight away without waiting a long time.

Our driving school Tucson offers instructors that have many years of training and requisite knowledge. Under the supervision of these experts, students learn the most in the least amount of time.