Motorcycle Classes and Training, What You Need to Know

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September 3, 2019
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April 19, 2020
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Motorcycle Classes and Training, What You Need to Know

For motorcycle classes, knowing how to ride a motorcycle is not the same as being an expert rider with qualified motorcycle training.

For this reason, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has been coming up with training courses to maximize the riding experience in the US since its foundation in 1973. And where can you get an MSF-certified motorcycle safety course from a reliable motorcycle school in southern Arizona? Well, Rider Arizona MTC is your answer.

For the last decade, Rider Arizona MTC has been the leading expert in providing motorcycle classes in the area. Although their offices are in Sierra Vista, the training courses are available in Marana Middle School and Casa Grande Pinal Fairgrounds, Phoenix and Tucson Dragway, and even for those on active duty in the Davis–Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. Spearheaded by the trio of Trina Meeks as owner, Steve as manager and Mark in development, the team of Rider Arizona MTC has a single goal – providing quality training to motorcycle riders with a rewarding learning experience.

Let’s look at the different courses on offer at Arizona’s premier motorcycle school.

  • Casa Grande
  • Davis–Monthan
  • Phoenix
    • Basic Rider Course
    • Basic Rider Course 2-SP
    • 3-Wheel Basic Rider Course
  • Sierra Vista
    • Basic Rider Course
    • Basic Rider Course 2-SP
    • 3-Wheel Basic Rider Course
  • Tucson
    • Basic Rider Course
    • Basic Rider Course 2-SP
    • Advanced Rider Course

Rider Arizona MTC provides the updated motorcycle safety course for each of these which also comes in rider-friendly training setups. So, new students requiring more personalized guidance can opt for the semi-private course to ensure they get more ride time and practice opportunities. Those with no prior ride experience can also take a preparatory course of Intro Motorcycle Experience (IME) before going for the more detailed courses so that they can get the much-needed practice before a learn-to-ride class.

A frequently asked question regarding motorcycle school is the eligibility for enrolling. Well, anyone aged 15 years 6 months and above can register for one of the courses. However, they should have rudimentary bicycling skills and are physically able to walk and push a heavy motorcycle of up to 300 lbs.

If you meet these basic criteria, then visit the Rider Arizona MTC portal for online completion of the eCourse materials or downloading it for offline completion. This questionnaire along with a signed and dated waiver and terms and conditions form are the requisite documents for enrolling in the motorcycle classes. Also, possessing proper protective riding gear is mandatory. However, if you don’t have motorcycle gloves or a standard helmet, they will be provided for use during the course. We recommend you go through the terms and conditions mentioned on the website for full details.

And what about the features and benefits of getting your motorcycle license from Rider Arizona MTC?

  • A unique feature of registering for motorcycle training is that you can select your course type, day and time for the course and buy it online. Currently, three slots for days – Tuesday, Wednesday-Thursday, and Saturday-Sunday are available in the locations.
  • Some of the courses require you to complete the eCourse questionnaire and also declare your military status before you can complete an online purchase. A brief overview of the courses is also available when you are shopping for them in the portal.
  • Furthermore, Rider Arizona MTC offers 5 exciting gift certificates that you can purchase online and make a present to friend or family the opportunity of learning a new skill under expert guidance.
  • Graduating from Rider Arizona MTC and getting your motorcycle license can also be a rewarding experience when you consider their partner promotions. Once you have completed the course and got your certificate, there is a wide selection of special offers that you become eligible to avail from Suzuki Cycles, Big Boyz Toyz Rental, Renegade Classics Biker Outlet, Sierra Cycles, Nash Powersports and Indian Motorcycles.

So, what are you still waiting for? Go online and check out the Rider Arizona MTC courses and find the one suitable for you.

There is no motorcycle school in these parts of the country with a better reputation where you learn and improve your riding skills and get your dollars’ worth.